Shake things up with smooth and sweet treats. At Mastro's we use real hard ice cream to make our shakes & malts… the way it should be. 


Design your own Mastro's Flurry

This is where your get the opportunity to design your own unique frozen treat or recreate something from the past. So let your creative juices flow into your own tantalizing delight!

Mix and Match for extra flavor or create your own original flurry. Make one today and a different one tomorrow, the choice is yours.

Mix & Match. 

                                                      Oreos                             Reese's                          M & M's                        Cookie Dough                       Kit Kats

Fruit Smoothies

Living a healthy way of life can be a challenge, but Mastro's Smoothies are a healthy snack to help you meet your goals.  We’re helping you take a step in the right direction by bringing more natural, whole fruits, and delicious ingredients all within one healthy snack. So live a healthier life and choose from one of these selections to add to your smoothie.


Grab & Go

Hand Packed Ice Cream

    Pint (12 OZ)

    Quart (1 1/2 LBS)

    1/2 Gallon (3 LBS)


Frozen Bananas



Thirst Quenchers


  Vernor's Original (Since 1866), Root Beer, Coke, Diet Coke.


  Boston Style (Vernors), Root Beer, Coke, Diet Coke.



Fountain Drinks by Coca Cola